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Need4 3GP Converter 8.0

A user-friendly tool that will help you convert your videos to the 3GP format
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With today’s technology, being able to watch your videos on your mobile phone is no longer a luxury, but something completely normal. Unfortunately, there are many times when the format of your videos is not supported on your device. Applications like Need4 3GP Converter were developed to help users convert regular videos into formats compatible with 3G phones.

Need4 3GP Converter is an effective tool that can work with a wide array of video formats. This program has batch conversion capabilities, so it can convert all your files at once, while you focus on some of your other tasks.

While testing out Need4 3GP Converter I discovered several advantages that its users will surely enjoy. Firstly, you can trim your videos and only covert the fragments that you want. Another feature that I liked is that this program allows you to merge multiple videos into a single file.

Another big plus for this program are the advanced settings that it offers. You will be able to conveniently configure each output format according to your own needs. You can determine the video and audio formats, video quality, size and many other smaller details such as frame rate, sample rate etc.

The only problem that I had with this application was during its setup process. Personally, I think that programs who try to install other software that they don’t actually need is very annoying. This is why I wasn’t happy when the Need4 Software Launcher was automatically installed on my computer.

In my opinion, Need4 3GP Converter is a reliable tool that can be really useful. The program is easy to operate and, it has a good conversion speed and it is highly efficient, so I definitely recommend it.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Lets you trim your videos
  • It provides numerous advanced settings for each output format
  • The program supports batch converting
  • Lets you merge your videos together


  • Tries to install the Need4 Video Toolbar along with the main application
  • Automatically installs the Need4 Software Launcher
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